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Kamm Investment was founded on the premise that specialized investment management services were needed by individuals and institutional investors. Although the company was not originally founded with the intention of focusing on emerging or frontier markets, it has grown into that role, with Vietnam being the focal point for the growth of the company. Whether these investors require general information on the economy of Vietnam or information of specific investment opportunities in a given industry, Kamm Investment, an invest Vietnam centric power firm, can provide the necessary information and analysis. They have shown that when doing business in Vietnam, the rewards can be huge. As Vietnam continues to modernize, many investment opportunities have arisen, with many opportunities for a high return on investment for seasoned investors, with low risk options available as well. Kamm Investment uses their superior knowledge of the country to consult with, and point investors in the right direction and help them to see a large return on their investment. Kamm Investment can provide recommended portfolios to clients specifically tailored to the needs and desires of the clients. Coordination of services with custodian banks and brokerage firms can be provided.

Vietnam is a growing country that is rapidly modernizing its production techniques, leaving a lot of room for investment and return. Kamm is able to help individuals to navigate emerging and frontier markets. Like the ones provided when you invest Vietnam, to find helpful investment opportunities.

Whether a client is interested in doing business in Vietnam with a specific company or desires a broad approach to investment Vietnam, Kamm Investment can provide a sufficient road map. Kamm also offers management and consulting, helping to educate investors on the benefits of choosing to invest in Vietnam in the process. Kamm Investment has also helped companies to export and import goods and products, to and from Vietnam, including Du Phat, a popular Vietnamese shoe brand that is manufactured in the country, and sold around the world. Knowing when and where to invest Vietnam can provide you with an edge that reaps huge returns.

The invest Vietnam centric power firm was first founded in 1963, but Dr. Jacob O. Kramm. At that time, the focus was on more traditional investment opportunities. It was not until 1998, after Dr. Christian Kamm became the President of the company, that they would establish their first offices in Vietnam and shift their focus to that market. Today, Kamm Investments now has two different offices located in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Vietnam is a growing country that is rapidly modernizing its production techniques, leaving a lot of room for investment and return when you invest Vietnam. Kamm is able to help individuals navigate emerging and frontier markets, assisting them in doing business in Vietnam and finding helpful investment opportunities.

Invest Vietnam

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