In a recent press release published on, Kamm Investments, Inc. reveals the benefits of working with a professional consulting firm and gives essential insight into the dynamic mechanisms of the Vietnamese market:

“Kamm Investments, Inc offers professional consulting services that are based on a vast experience and knowledge about the Vietnam market. This company can provide interested clients with helpful pieces of advice regarding both investing opportunities, as well as trading options. Apart from being specialized in the Vietnam Frontier market, Kamm Investments, Inc can also offer guidance regarding Cambodia. The services this company can provide you with are fit for particular firms or individuals. The staff working at Kamm Investments, Inc will take the time to attentively study each case and only after will the appropriate approach be recommended.”

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The following press release, distributed on, is representative of the vision of Kamm Investments, Inc. and provides several details about the company history, as well as a brief introduction into the world of frontier markets:

“Kamm Investment is a well established and reputable investment firm, with vast experience in the field of frontier markets in the Vietnam, having operational offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi since 1998. If you want to know what are frontier markets and why are them such a great opportunity for investors and traders alike, Kamm Investment is the answer, providing you not only with extensive details and inside information on the subject, but also with professional and reliable support in setting up your business. As Vietnam has known a steady GDP growth over the years, the country has become one of the best and high quality frontier markets, which is why Kamm Investment focuses greatly on consulting clients with regard to doing business in Vietnam. As the company has offices inside the country, it retains valuable insight about the nation, which allows it to provide expert advice and guidance to clients interested in benefiting from such a profitable market, with such an extraordinary potential.”

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